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October 2012's Articles

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Accessing the National Curriculum

Whilst I do applaud all efforts to give equal access to education to all children, I deplore the ridiculous ‘one size fits all’ approach of the National Curriculum. In my time I have worked with a number of children of low ability and I have screamed silently as I watched the teaching go straight over their heads. For instance, I helped a pupil to colour the printed picture of a Roman legionnaire. Since she couldn’t read the labels indicating the parts of the uniform - she couldn’t read at all - there was absolutely no way in which she was able to learn the information that the lesson was supposed to impart. I could tell her what the words said, but she had no resources to help her to remember them. Labels are only useful if you can read them!

I used it as a lesson in pencil control but the time would have been so much better spent in helping her with basic reading and writing skills. Intensive one to one sessions using The CoolerRuler would have had her reading in a matter of weeks and The Edith Norrie Lettercase would have enabled her to spell at least phonetically in a similar amount of time.

Half a term spent in this way with these children would make so much difference to the rest of their educational experience. When you still can’t read in secondary school, what hope is there for your self-esteem?