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An ex-pupil comments on The CoolerRuler

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It was great to hear from Alex, whom I taught many years ago. I am so pleased that he is doing well and, of course, particularly pleased that he not only remembers using The CoolerRuler, but that he found it helpful. This is the message he left for me on The CoolerRuler website. Thanks, Alex.

Hi, I am now 16 but when I was younger I had Dyslexia and found it hard to read fast and especially to read out loud to people, The CoolerRuler really helped me throughout my younger school years, as it made sure that I would break up the words when I was reading (; I) mean that it meant in the long run that it was easier for me to read… This skill has helped me develop my reading skills and now I am a fast reader. One of the best things that I found about the CoolerRuler was that I could also use it as a normal ruler in Maths and Science. Thanks for all the help that it offered. Alexander Davis

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