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June 2011's Articles

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London Evening Standard campaign against illiteracy

I am delighted by the efforts of the Evening Standard to highlight the appalling standards of literacy in this country and to try to do something about it. We constantly hear stories of dyslexic entrepreneurs who struggled miserably at school, yet subsequently showed the world just how extraordinary their thinking skills are. These people are often hampered (and embarrassed) by an inability to read or write and yet their drive and determination to make something of their lives is inspirational. How sad that their experience of school is so negative.

I have contacted the Standard and hope that they will take a look at The CoolerRuler to see whether we can get it out to kids and achieve something of the improvement in reading ages that I found with my last piece of research - over 61% attaining an average increase of 15.75 months over only six weeks.

I have many past pupils who have benefited from using The CoolerRuler. Let’s hope that this initiative leads to many more.