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November 2010's Articles

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William and Kate - the Royal Family are copying us

I am amazed at the coincidences that have occurred over the years, between Prince Charles and his children’s lives and those of my own family. As the New Year’s celebrations died away in 1981, my husband and I announced our engagement, five weeks before Charles and Diana announced theirs. Our wedding was already booked by then, for the 4th July that year and we were just back from our honeymoon when we watched, along with some 750 million other souls, the Royal couple take their vows. By the time Prince William was born in June 1982, I was already pregnant with Neil, who was born in March 1983 and Diana and I were pregnant together again when she was expecting Prince Harry. Sadly, ours turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy, so we were a little behind Charles and Diana when our second son, Graeme, was born in August 1985. With two young sons of similar ages to William and Harry, I felt particularly sad for them when they lost their mother in 1997, but have watched with admiration as they grew into fine young men.

By the time it was announced that William was to attend St. Andrews University, Neil had been accepted there a year earlier to read history. He (like William) had taken a gap year, so they both started at the same time. Only a few weeks after Neil had arrived in St. Andrews, he fell in love with another student - also called Kate, although this Kate is from Tucson, Arizona - and they have been together ever since. On one occasion, in Broons bar, Kate (our Kate - not Middleton,) managed to knock the heir the the throne to the ground. She was deeply embarrassed, but it didn’t apparently count as an assassination attempt, so all was well.

They both love the town and have returned there several times since they graduated and it was there, three weeks ago, that they became engaged. So a generation on, the pattern continues.

Neil and Kate plan to marry in St. Salvator’s chapel in St. Andrews (a privilege offered to graduates of the university) but there the coincidences end. Our family’s big day is planned for July 2012 as no one is worried about a conflict with the diamond jubilee and the Olympics!