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Back to school is upon us again. How quickly the heady days of July holidays morph into the dog days of August, particularly noticeable this year with the wet and windy weather. There’s a nostalgia involved too, for our own lost childhood holidays, remembering the fear of the unknown in the start of a new school year.

For many children it will involve starting at a new school too, with the added excitement and pressure that such a move entails. If reading is a difficulty that is being dragged along from the old school to the new, the excitement is less and the pressure is decidedly more.

I’m looking forward to the new school year. It’s a pleasure to be able to offer The CoolerRuler to a whole new band of schools and to help another generation of children with reading problems discover how this simple tool can get them reading - and fast!

I have done a fair bit in the North West and lots in the South East, but this is the year to broach the in-between lands of the Midlands. Many schools in the area have already bought into the instant advantages of The CoolerRuler, having been introduced to it at The Education Show at the NEC, but there are still plenty who have yet to discover its benefits.

For such a small cost it reaps great rewards; a simple tool that facilitates virtually instant improvements - literally, ‘easy reading at your fingertips’. The really cool CoolerRuler.

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