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Jamie Oliver

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I am so hacked off. Jamie Oliver is very open about his dyslexia - and why not? We have so many talented dyslexics in our schools who are too often led to believe that dyslexia is a disability. In my view it should be seen as a considerable annoyance at primary level, less troublesome at secondary level (as long as you have been able to grind your way through the early years and have achieved a reasonable standard of literacy) and a positive boon throughout the rest of your life. The ability to think laterally and fast will make you an asset to any brainstorming session and Jamie is a great example of the talent and determination to be found in the character of many dyslexics.

So I sent him a CoolerRuler. I wanted him to see it and I wanted to hear what he had to say about it - I even thought that he might possibly have dyslexic children himself, who could benefit from it. It has been my experience that adult dyslexics have been quick to see the merits of The CoolerRuler - most have raved about it and have commented that it would have made a big difference to their education. I sent it via a very helpful member of Jamie’s production company and addressed it directly to Jamie. I eagerly awaited his reply.

Of course I know that he’s a very busy man - TV trailers constantly show him in all parts of the world and it seems that another restaurant in his chain opens every week - so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t hear anything for several weeks. I rang the helpful production company person, who echoed my thoughts, and I continued to wait.

This week I received a brush off from his ‘people’. They said that he wouldn’t have time to look at it and couldn’t possibly comment on it, as he had done that for other products in the past and his comments had been used as an official endorsement. And that, of course, is something you can only get if you buy it from him. When I asked whether he had even set eyes on The CoolerRuler, I was told that he hadn’t.

As Jamie Oliver seems so genuinely interested in the education of our children, (I understand that he is interested in opening one of the new free schools) I believe that he would have been impressed by the simplicity and unobtrusive design of The CoolerRuler.

But thanks to his ‘minders’, we will never know.

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