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Two CoolerRulers are better than one

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The CoolerRuler continues to sell steadily and I had a repeat order from a lady in Liverpool the other day. I noticed it in particular as I had personally delivered the first CoolerRuler last July, so I rang her to ask why she needed the second one and, as I had suspected, her son had broken it!

Two things about this pleased me - firstly that it had been a major accident that had caused the breakage and secondly that she reported that her son was ‘desperate’ because it had broken. “He is lost without it,” she went on to say, “and I had to get a new one as soon as possible.”

Now, I’m definitely not happy that her son is distressed, but I am delighted that The CoolerRuler is making such an obvious difference to his schooling. As a gesture of goodwill, I sent the lad an extra 20cm version of The CoolerRuler - this is a rather Heath Robinson affair, cut down from the full size version, but it has the advantage of fitting inside a pencil case, so I hope it will prove useful to him.

And the moral of the story is … that having two CoolerRulers is an advantage. One for home and one for school is ideal - and if by any chance one of them does break, then distress can be avoided.

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