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The CoolerRuler is helping a wider range of children than I had anticipated

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I have received an interesting endorsement - via the feedback form on this website - from Veronica Smith from Cambridge. Veronica is an extremely experienced and well qualified special needs teacher and she bought two CoolerRulers just over a year ago. She wrote:

“An excellent product. I have used it successfully children with cerebral palsy and Downs syndrome”

and this fascinated me. I originally designed The CoolerRuler to help my pupils, who were mostly dyslexic. I have used it with one girl who has hemiplegia but had no idea that it could be so effective with readers with more complicated learning difficulties.

I hope to find out more about Veronica’s work with her pupils; I am so pleased to hear that The CoolerRuler has a wider reach than even I imagined.

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