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Why CoolerRuler instead of CooleRuler?

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When it came to naming my product it was an easy choice. I have already said that it was, in effect, my pupils who named it for me - saying that it was ‘like everyone else’s ruler but cooler than an ordinary ruler’ - but working out how to spell it was a different matter. And I had the same trouble with the company name RulerReading.

The logo took care of itself, with the small ‘r’ of Cooler forming the top right hand corner of the capital ‘R’ of Ruler, (ditto with Ruler and Reading) but it was another matter to write it down in type. After devoting so many years of my life to teaching children to spell I simply couldn’t bring myself to leave out an ‘r’ and mis-spell the words!

So I’ve finished up with two r’s in the middle of both CoolerRuler and RulerReading, which is very difficult to explain on the phone. Ho-hum, perhaps I should simply have called it The-Best-Reading-Tool-Ever, produced by The-Best-Ever-Company-To-Help-You-Learn-To-Read …. but then I guess I might have had problems with registering the trademark.

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Eleanor Beale wrote:

I have been useing the CoolerRuler with Junior age children with very good effect. They like the fact that it looks like any other ruler, but also that it makes it easy for them to concentrate on the line, word or syllable they need read at any particular time. It is a great aid to developing fluency and independent reading.

on 10 March 2010 at 22:15

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