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February 2010's Articles

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Winchester Prison research for The CoolerRuler

I had an interesting day on Friday. I went to Winchester prison to meet their Learning Centre people in the hope that we will be able to set up a research project with offenders who are poor/non-readers. I was very pleased with the positive reaction that I got, both from the lady who works there and the offender with whom I demonstrated The CoolerRuler.

The research will be similar to last year’s successful project with The Petersfield School. I will test respondents using the WRAT (Wide Range Achievement Tests) reading test and then introduce them to The CoolerRuler and encourage its use as much as possible. Over the following six weeks, I will visit to check that it is being used correctly and to work with offenders on identifying parts of words to be read. At the end of six weeks, I will re-test with the WRAT.

At The Petersfield School, the results showed over 61% achieved an average of 15.75 months’ gain in reading age in only six weeks. It will be very interesting to see whether these results will be replicated amongst the older cohort within Winchester Prison.

Now all I have to do is to get my security clearance to be able to work as a volunteer within the prison - or rob a bank and get in that way!