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September 2009's Articles

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"It really is a cooler ruler"

I’ve lost count of the number of times children or parents have used that phrase. The kids like it because it actually moves and does something (a bit like a slide rule in the last century) and then later on find it such a friend that many of them become devoted to it. They say it’s like everybody else’s ruler, but cooler. Their parents like it because they see the re-emergence of the child they used to know. So many kids become withdrawn, almost in a state of depression, as the months and years go by and schoolwork becomes such an enormous burden that their natural exuberance is eroded. A few weeks with The CoolerRuler and life is good again - and it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Coffee stops you from memorising

I have just found an article that states that the caffeine in coffee reacts with the part of the brain responsible for memorising - so the moral in the message is that if you drink coffee while you are revising, you’re making it much harder for yourself. The suggestion is to drink water, little and often, while doing any kind of work that involves committing something to memory.

This could account for why I did so badly in my A levels all those years ago!