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July 2009's Articles

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61% make significant gains in reading age with our latest CoolerRuler research

After our successful piece of research in the primary sector last year, I decided to see whether I could prove that The CoolerRuler can help older children who still have problems with reading. This latest project involved fifteen readers in years 7 and 8 (aged between 11 years 10 months and 13 years 5 months) who attend the special needs unit of a state secondary school and the duration of the trial was six weeks.

The children were interviewed individually and their reading tested using a single word reading test from the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT 3 - tan form). Each was then given The CoolerRuler to keep and encouraged to use it as much as possible both in school and for homework.

Over the next six weeks, I saw each child for about fifteen minutes a week, to check that The CoolerRuler was being used correctly and to ask them for their opinions on its effectiveness. At the end of the trial, they were re-tested with the WRAT 3 - but this time using the alternative, blue form.

The outcome was very pleasing. Of the fifteen participants, two were excluded from the results - one because of personal problems at home and the other because she was physically sick on the day of the retest. From the remaining thirteen, eight made significant gains in reading age, ranging from an increase of six months to three years and eleven months. This represents an average gain of 15.75 months for over 61% of the cohort.

However, the most pleasing aspect of the project was the confidence that The CoolerRuler gave to those using it. The Head of the special needs unit found this especially noteworthy and when I asked the children to score The CoolerRuler out of ten for effectiveness, I was gratified to find that the average score was over eight out of ten. Comments included:

“It’s really helped me with reading; the sliders help me to break up the words.”

“I’ve used it two or three lessons a day. It helps by breaking down longer words I used to get stuck on. It’s great.”

“I’ve never been able to read long words like ‘dangerous’ before. It takes forever to read a book, but with The CoolerRuler, putting it over the line makes it go faster.”

“The CoolerRuler help you read better. If you get stuck on a word, you can bump the sliders up and it’s really easy - and it’s also a ruler, so it’s part of your equipment.”

“I used it a lot in my tests … and it’s a good ruler too. I use it in all my lessons where I have to read. It makes reading less tiring.”

“It makes words you’d miss, or get wrong, stand out so you can get them right.”

“It helps because the sliders split words you can’t read in half. I’d recommend it.”

My thanks to all the kids who helped with this project. These comments make everything worthwhile - and I shall continue to promote The CoolerRuler so that other poor readers may enjoy its benefits.