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So many people have trouble starting a story. They are faced with a big sheet of blank paper and it's terrifying. So here's a tip to make it less frightening.

Take some A4 scrap paper which has only been used on one side. Tear it in half, in half again and in half again. Now you have 8 little pieces of scruffy paper. Not scary at all. Think what you'd like to write about - can't think of anything? Look around you; if you can see a tree, you might like to write about a tree that comes to life. If you can see a table, you might think of someone hiding under the table to shelter from a bomb in a war. Draw a tree/table on your first piece of paper.

Imagine a character in your story and give them a name - any name; you can always change it later. Write that name on one of the pieces of paper - now keep asking yourself questions about the character. Name, age, boy/girl, brothers/sisters, where they live. Write or draw the answers on the same sheet.

Every time you think of something you might add to this story, get it down on another piece of paper, a new piece for every new event/character. You can throw away anything you change your mind about later, so put down everything that you think of for now. Tear up more paper if you need more scraps.

When you have as many ideas as you can think of, spread out all the scraps and put them in order, so that the story makes sense. Now get some A4 paper and glue the pieces (in order) on to as many sheets as you need.

Hey presto - you've written a story. All you have to do is to copy it out.

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