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Easy Steps To Neater Handwriting

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Most of the pupils I have taught over the years have had rotten handwriting. Lots of them (especially the boys) really don't care about it much, but there's a good reason for making your work look neat.

I've said before that teachers are human, and they are. After a long, hard day at school they return home, but work isn't over for them. Many of them have to cook, clean, do washing and look after their kids before they even get to that pile of homework that they have to mark.

They reach for the first book - yours - and it's REALLY scruffy and difficult to read. Even if you've put in a lot of effort, your poor, tired teacher is going to find it hard to give you a good grade. So give your teacher a break and improve your writing. Take something that you have written (about five or six lines) and a ruler and pencil:

  • Rule a line along each of the upright letters you have written (l,t,h,d etc.) and extend the line beyond the top and bottom of the letter. To make your writing look good, all these lines should be parallel. It doesn't matter whether they lean forward or are upright (try not to let them slope backwards) but they should all go in the same direction.
  • Place the ruler along the top of letters like e,c,m,v etc. All these letters should come to the same level. Note that capital 'P' stands on the line, but the round bit of little 'p' sits on the line and the legs hang down.
  • If you have to cross something out, don't scribble - do it with a single horizontal line. The mistake is clearly crossed out when you read the line, but it doesn't stick out when you first look at the page.

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