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You'll need a friend for this.

To learn a multiplication table, write out each part on a different piece of paper - quite big and each one in a different colour (6x8=48, 4x8=32, 9x8=72).

Spread them round the room - on chairs, on the floor under tables, on the window sills and spend a few minutes talking about which one is where and what colour it is. Ask your friend to walk to 6x8 and tell you what colour it is and what the answer is. Get your friend to do the same with you.

When you both feel fairly confident, turn them over; try to remember which one was where, what colour it was and what the answer was. Always walk over to where you think the right answer is, give the answer and the colour and then turn it over to check. The act of moving about the room while you learn is important in this task. After a while, you can extend it further by asking "How many 8's in 48 and what colour is it?" and walking over to it.

The advantage of learning it like this is that you can have the skills to use the table as a tool to solve maths problems rather than just learning a number poem.

And it's fun!

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