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Snapshot Spelling

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This is a useful system for tricky spellings. Write the word about 5cms high, in different colours to highlight the difficult bits - for instance, beautiful. Draw a line around the outside, close to the letters so that you can see the shape of the word.

Now hold it up, above eye level, either to the left or the right; don't move your head to look at it, just move your eyes. For most people, it's better to have it up on the left, so try it that side to start with.

Look at the shape, which letters go up, which hang down, which are round and which are thin. Notice the colours you have used - how many letters of each colour, then take a snapshot of it with the camera in your head. (We all have a mental camera taking pictures of what we see all the time.)

Now find a spot high up on the wall, to the left if that is where you held it to look at it. Imagine that you have your snapshot up on the wall - see it there. Now, look carefully and think about the LAST letter. What colour was it? How many were there of that colour? Did they go up, hang down? Were they round or thin? Move from the last letters towards the front of the word, always looking at the spot high up on the wall. You will almost certainly find that you can 'see' the word, so you can even call out the letters backwards, so it's really easy doing it forwards.

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