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Post-It Tricksters are wonderful!

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So you're working really hard at learning for that upcoming test. You spend ages revising, you put your books away - and what happens? Your brain immediately starts trying to forget what you've been working so hard to put in.

The solution is to trick your brain into revising when it doesn't know it's revising. Place post-it notes of spellings/history dates/difficult multiplications (such as 8x8=64) all over the house (on the fridge door, by the bathroom mirror, on the wardrobe door, front door... everywhere), so that you can't help coming across them during the day. Use lots of colour and pictures wherever possible.

Every time you catch sight of one of these Post-It Tricksters, your brain will snap back to the revision session and reinforce the information.

Some kids feel that they don't want to do this, because they think they won't get a break from studying, but it doesn't work like that - you'll hardly be aware that you are reading these notes. It's just about as painless as revision can be.

Quick, go and buy some post-it notes and coloured pens.

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