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The more often you mis-spell a word, the less chance you have of remembering the correct spelling. When you start a new topic at school, take a large post-it note and make a list of the special vocabulary for that subject - for instance, if you are studying the heart, you might list 'aorta, ventricle, arteries, pulmonary, atrium...' This is your Topic Tab.

Keep it stuck on the page of your exercise book so that you have the correct spellings immediately under your nose and it's easy to get them right. Move it when you turn over the page and add to it as and when you need to.

When you have to hand in homework, move the Topic Tab to the inside back cover of the book, but remember to retrieve it when you get the book back. Your teacher will be really impressed at the improvement in your spelling.

Start a new one when you start the next topic.

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