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Organising Worksheets

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My own children were always coming out of school clutching a work sheet which had been given to them at the end of the last lesson. This would usually find its way to the floor of the car and there would be a panic later when it couldn't be found.

The solution is to get an A4 display folder with about 20 pockets. (This is better than a ring binder, because it's slimmer.) Label each of the interior pockets with the name of a subject - History, Art, Maths etc. - don't forget extra lessons or clubs.

File any loose sheets in the right section as soon as you get them. This not only helps you to find them when you need them, but it also keeps them in a good, clean condition so they look much better when you hand them in.

When you have to fill in a sheet that the teacher has given you, it's a fair bet that it will be on A4 paper. When you try to stick it into your book, the edges will stick out a little. Over time, these edges become dirty and torn. To avoid this, trim a little off the edges of your worksheet before you stick it in. Your book will be much neater than the others in the pile and your teacher will be feeling good about you even before s/he starts to mark your work.

Which has to be a good thing.

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