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Teachers tend to make kids write everything out neatly in blue or black ink. It looks very smart, but it's not easy to remember, so use colour wherever possible - either by highlighting or underlining in different colours. Make sure that it still looks neat though - it's worth keeping your teacher happy - teachers are human, (believe it or not!) and will give you a better mark if they think you are trying hard.

If you have difficult spellings or foreign vocabulary to learn, write the words out using several different colours. For example, 'through' is easier to learn than 'through' and 'fenĂȘtre' is easier than 'fenĂȘtre'.

Also, look out for little words within long words and draw pictures of them to help you remember - 'pretentious' can be split into pre-tent-ious. You could put the 'pre' and 'ious' in two different colours and draw a tent between them.

You'll be glad you spent 5 minutes with coloured pens when you have that test at school.

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