THE CoolerRuler:

Hi - I'm Sally Bruce. I am a Special Needs teacher with over ten years' experience at both primary and secondary level.

Product Background

Ruler Detail

Working with struggling readers, I noticed that many of them had great difficulty breaking down words and couldn't remember the first syllable by the time they reached the last. They also often slipped to the line above or below. It seemed to me that a simple gadget that would help them to focus on one syllable at a time could be the answer.

Unobtrusive Design

Children who are struggling at school are sensitive about it and it was of great importance to me that this gadget should be as unobtrusive as possible. Incorporating it into an everyday piece of school equipment such as a ruler solves this problem.

Product Background

Additional Features

Being left-handed myself, I added another feature. The scale along one edge of the CoolerRuler runs backwards from right to left. This enables 'lefties' to rule a measured line from 0 to wherever, rather than having to work backwards. I wish I'd had one at school! There is also a recessed area on the ruler for the owner's name label.