THE CoolerRuler:

An exciting innovation to help children with reading. Particularly suitable for dyslexic readers.

What is the CoolerRuler?

What is the CoolerRuler?

Created and patented by an experienced Special Needs teacher, the CoolerRuler is a simple device which, if used properly, will make a difference from the first moment it's put to work. It's discreet, easy to use and replaces the child's normal school ruler.

Advantages of the CoolerRuler

  • The bulk of the ruler screens words on lines above and below, making it easy to focus on the line being read
  • Sliders can be moved to expose only a small (and easily-read) part of the word
  • Promotes independent reading
  • Has the appearance of a normal school ruler and can be used as such
  • Has a built-in measurement scale for left-handed working, enabling users to rule a measured line from right to left

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Stop Press!

Stop Press!

We are delighted to announce that the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre fully supports the CoolerRuler. Principal Bernadette McLean has offered help with the research and says:

"I think this is a very valuable, multi-sensory tool which is based on good, sound teaching practice. We are looking forward to being able to sell the CoolerRuler in our shop."

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